The Tarot

The intent of my Tarot readings is for them to be healing, enlightening, helpful, and fun.  You are welcome to record the reading and/or take a picture of the cards.  I know I will connect with the clients that I’m supposed to spend time with and the experience will be for the highest good of all.

While connecting with the Divine, our Guides, and Higher Self, we can learn a potential for our futures.  The focus should be on questions you have about yourself.  No reading is “set in stone.” A reading is based upon your current energies.  If you feel a reading is favorable, you may continue on your current path.  If you are interested in changing what was shown in a reading, you always have free will to change your beliefs and behaviors.

Telephone Readings/Skype & In-Person Readings
30 min. = $45.00
60 min. = $65.00

Telephone readings will be scheduled as my calendar permits.  Please call or email me to schedule a date and time for your reading (PST).  For the reading, I will call you unless you prefer otherwise.  Please pay after the reading has been completed.

In-Person Readings
Readings can be scheduled at my home in Elk Grove, CA, 20 minutes outside of Sacramento.  Readings are done in my sacred space.  Please call or email me to schedule a date and time for your reading. A Ladies Night of Tarot Readings is also a fun event.  Please call 916-714-4130 or email for details.  

Gift Certificates are available for 30 minute reads = $45.00 and one hour reads = $65.00.  Call 916-714-4130 or email for details and mailing.

Tarot Readings
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Tarot Readings By Erin
Tarot Readings By Erin