Facelift Reveal

Cosmetic Surgery – Before & After: Part 4 To those who have been following along, this is the final part of my facelift journey. Thanks for sticking around for the reveal. (If you are just jumping in, see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) I hope you like the pictures and the results. I … Read more

Recovery & Healing: Part 3

Cosmetic Surgery – Before & After: Part 3 Facelift Recovery – Week #2 Warning: The Pictures May Be Disturbing To Some, Please Proceed With Caution. First off, thanks to all who have been so supportive and receptive to this cosmetic surgery series. I have appreciated your interest and kind words, especially those who have said … Read more

Facelift and Recovery

Cosmetic Surgery – Before & After: Part 2 (WARNING: PICTURES BELOW MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME – PROCEED WITH CAUTION.) So the day of surgery had finally arrived. And even though having a facelift was scary, I felt that my odds were good since I take care of myself with diet and exercise, and I … Read more